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Building Brands Driven by Core Messaging

Maxwell Aircraft Service

When building a brand that involves Aircraft Service, where literally 100% confidence is required for airplane repair, we must build with the same precision as the craftsmanship that goes into the aircraft. We carefully crafted a logo and identity system that immediately resonated with the customer. We built the body of the brand with core messaging they can use through every marketing email, web banner, or marketing materials as they see fit.

Branding Summary

You need to get back in the air as quickly as possible. We get it. After all, time is money. You can be confident that Maxwell Aircraft Service will have your aircraft running perfectly and quickly too. The fact is, when dealing with complex mechanical items, unforeseen issues can occur. That’s why you need someone with the experience and knowledge to navigate those situations while making sure that quality is always kept at the highest possible level. 

Developing The Brand Promise

Take off with confidence.

We believe it's our responsibility to make sure you are safe to fly. That's why quality is always our number 1 priority. From damaged props to governors and more, we'll work with you to find the right solution to get you back into the air as quickly and safely as possible.

This was a collaboration project with Skeeter Design

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