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Building Brands Driven by Core Messaging

Metal Craft and Riverside Precision Machining and Engineering

Metal Craft and Riverside is a precision machining and engineering company with facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin serving some of the largest corporations of the aerospace, defense, military, medical, and emerging high-tech industries. 


The Brand Story discovery session, clarified the needs of their customers by identifying messages for successful customer engagement. That process yielded the brand promise: “Built Right. Every Time. Because we know there’s a lot at stake.” Our team planned and launched the new branding to their employees with a “big reveal” event, featuring a custom “trailer” short film, room-size drop-down banners, and a custom 3D puzzle that revealed the new brand promise. We’ve since produced a full brand story video (Nielsen Studios and their team), created recruitment and brand marketing materials, along with the new corporate website


It’s been a blast. Trisha Mowry and the rest of the folks at MC&RS are fantastic people, and we’re excited to help them take the next steps in sharing their brand story with the world!  

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