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Building Brands Driven by Core Messaging

Nor-Son Custom Builders

Nor-Son Custom Builders and Nor-Son Construction define excellence in all aspects of Modern Luxury Home Construction and Commercial Architecture.  We built them three websites for each construction sector. - The Parent Company - Commercial Construction - Residential Construction


We created a sleek modern website wordpress website, easy to navigate, sizable on all devices.

We let the work speak and shine for itself.

We helped develop the tone and messaging to be SEO friendly, yet retain the essence of the brand. 



Nor-Son Construction

Nor-Son Construction, we developed a website that specializes in building commercial, retail, hospitals, senior living, clinics, resorts & lodging, and restaurants. Everything they create is exceptionally well thought out and designed with detail and care for the future of Minnesota. With that in mind we designed a custom wordpress website that is modern, scalable and SEO friendly. We created bolder headlines, body copy, and icons to highlight key information. We created a custom blog that highlights ongoing information of new construction that builds community outreach of the work they complete.

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