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Print Design

It isn’t about pretty pictures, it’s about taking someone who doesn’t know or care about your business and captivating them enough to make them want more.

Web Design

You’ve got three seconds to catch people’s attention online. And if you haven’t noticed, there’s a lot of attention-getting stuff online. It’s our job to beat it.


We don’t just make something nice for the walls, we make the whole damn room. And we make sure it doesn’t feel like any place you’ve ever been.


We come in without any preconceived notions, and we dig until we figure out all there is to know about why you are who you are.

Off the Wall

We’ve sent potatoes through the mail. We’ve made postcards out of plywood. We know how to stop your audience in its tracks and spend a few moments with you.

Logo Design

A logo isn’t a brand, but it’s the single, simplest representation of that brand. Just don’t let anyone tell you it’s easy.

~ Our Team ~

Meet the team

Matt Schnell

Owner / Creative Director

Email: matt@schnelldesigns.com / Phone:612-910-7007
Who is this guy anyway?

I'm not the designer you think of when you think of designers. No black turtlenecks or skinny jeans or bothersome attitudes. I'm just a regular person with an uncanny knack for seeing new ways to show off your service or product or whatever it is you want to sell. I've worked for the big agencies. I've worked for myself. But what it comes down to is this:
I work for you.

Faye Schnell

Design & Illustration

Email: faye@schnelldesigns.com / Phone:612-275-7349
Who is this girl anyway?

You know what I'm good at? Just about anything. But what it really comes down to is taking that kernel of thought, that nugget of "Hey, what about this?" and turning it into your story, beautifully told. I take the best parts of every brainstorm and breathe life into them. I don't just make ideas look pretty, I make them work.

~ Extending Team ~

  • Copy

    Everybody can write, right? Sure, but are they saying the sorts of things your target wants to hear? And in a way that’s even marginally interesting?
  • Photography & Video

    National Geographic. Time Magazine. Ever heard of those? Yeah, well so has our photographer.
  • Development

    The magic unicorn dust it takes run the internet isn’t sprinkled on just anyone. Fortunately, our crew got a double dose.
  • Strategy

    Everybody talks a good game, but until you sit down with us and let us carve out the most precise, most relevant path to your customers, you’re probably just shooting in the dark.

~ Testimonials ~

We like making people smile

Denise Martin, Executive Director, Bridging Hearts

It was an amazing experience watching Faye & Matt at work. From taking our ideas, inserting their own, and making remarkable suggestions and changes, we could not have been happier with our finished product. Schnell Designs generously donated their time for the Nerdery 24 Hour Website Challenge and provided Bridging Hearts, a non-profit, with a bold, clean, fun, and a more easy to navigate website. It was a fantastic learning experience to work with Faye & Matt and inspiring to witness their creative design skills. Working with Schnell Designs was a fantastic experience and I would highly recommend them for your next design project. They far exceeded our expectations.

Alyssa Hammerschmidt, Marketing Manager, Farmers Union Industries

Schnell Designs is fantastic to work with! Their recommendations are actionable, creative and insightful. Their team is made up with the kind of people that are truthful and down to earth. Schnell Designs has an amazing amount of energy, focus and passion for our business and they always provide the outside the box solutions I am looking for. They always get what I need done, on time and within budget. They are my choice over an agency any day!

Gina Jacquart Thorsen, President, Sales and Marketing, Stormy Kromer

I’ve worked with Schnell Designs for the past 6 years on our growing and evolving brand, Stormy Kromer. Of course, Matt and Faye are exceptional designers and creative folk. But, almost more important is the way they work – they are collaborative, flexible and driven by what is best for our business. Working with them is a pleasure, even when dealing with a challenging issue. And to top it all off, they are fantastic people. They embody everything we look for when assembling a team of partners to propel our business to the next level.

Scott Grand, Principal, Narrative

The Schnell team gets it. They blend creativity and purpose to deliver great work. They’re excellent collaborators and trusted partners we turn to to efficiently extend our team and bring fresh, inspired thinking to the table.

Mitch Kezar, Owner, Windigo Images

Schnell designs has been the pivotal force in keeping both of my businesses humming, not only with their great website design and implementation, but in promotion design, metal sign crafting and more. I won't let anyone else handle my specific design needs! And, they're FUN to work with!

Benjamin Vilina, Web Developer, Api Group, Inc.

The professionalism and creativity that Matt and Faye provide is on an unmatchable level. Every time we start a project with them I know for certain they will provide a clean, polished, and complete product at the end.

Tiffany Obenhoffer, Website Project Manager, Api Group, Inc.

As a website project manager I have found the people I can fully trust with the designs for our companies’ websites. Matt and Faye always deliver a quality design within the time line. They are friendly, professional, and smart. Matt and Faye can take an idea or concept and run with it and come up with something that my contacts always love. They are excited to do something new or creative for us. I’ve been working with them for a few years and I wouldn’t even consider using someone else.

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