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Yearly Website Maintenance Check-Up List

Keeping your website up to date is just as important as getting your oil changed. You invested a lot of money in your website, so let's keep it running smoothly.


Here are a few recommendations to keep your site fast, secure, and bug-free.

Update to the latest version of WordPress.

  • Security is the most important reason to keep up to date. Keep your site secure and functioning correctly.

  • Software updates may have better features.

  • Fix bugs that can slow down and damage your website.

  • Speed. Keep your site fast and ranking high with Google.

Update all plugins.

  • Increase security

  • Fixes bugs

  • Prevents hackers from damaging your site

Check to see if your contact forms are receiving messages.

  • Make sure your sales leads are getting through.

  • Contact form plugins may get outdated and messages could get missed.

  • Mail software may need to get updated to the latest versions to make sure messages keep going through.

Make sure your site looks good on mobile.

  • This one is pretty important if you want to score high with google rankings. If you aren't mobile-friendly, you aren't going to show up on the first page of a search.

Update blog content once a month.

  • Adding new blog content every month gives you more credibility and more searchable content. It also keeps your customers up to date on what's happening with your company.

  • It adds value to your company and your google ranking. Win for SEO all around.

Spam filters and ReCaptcha are installed correctly.

  • Spam is inevitable, but it can be slowed down. Adding a filter and a ReCaptcha APi key will keep real potential clients on your site and the spambots off.

Capture leads through email signups.

  • Do you have a way a customer can sign up for an email news list or upcoming sales?

  • Offer a downloadable pdf of your latest sales brochure when they enter their email address.

  • Offer a discount with their first purchase.

We recommend getting your website updated once a year. We can look at what's working, what needs updates, and where we can capture leads.

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