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How do you make the internet work?

SEO for Small Business: This is how you compete with the rest of the universe.

The Internet isn’t magic, but it can certainly be mystifying. There are ways, however, to use its powers for good.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We select the words and phrases people Google when looking for companies like yours. Then we tuck them into your website so Google can find them and list your site near the top of the search.

Meta Tags

These are the titles and descriptions for each page of your site, and they’re the first thing search engines see. We’ll make sure they stand out, so you see better search results.

Mobile Optimization

If your website doesn’t work well on someone’s smartphone, it isn’t going to work for your business. We’ll make sure your site is mobile-friendly for a greater user experience.

Social Media

A healthy social-media presence on your site can increase your Google ranking and attract new customers. We’ll integrate your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., into your site to help build your business.

Quality Content

Having relevant information on your site is key to climbing to the top of search results. We’ll evaluate and, if necessary, improve the story you’re telling, incorporating keywords to improve your website’s performance.

Google Analytics

The more you know about your customers, the better. Google Analytics will tell you who is visiting your site, what pages they’re viewing and where they’re coming from. Then we’ll make a plan to market to them at the source.

You don’t have to be high-tech to make the internet work for you. Let us work for you, and we’ll take care of everything.

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